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What is the principle of microneedles?

Microneedle therapy, also known as mesoderm therapy, has three layers of skin, including surface layer, true lining layer and subcutaneous tissue. The mesoderm of the skin is located between the epidermis and * * *, and microneedles can make nutrients reach the mesoderm directly.

Principle of microneedle

Our skin itself is a skin barrier and has a resistance to foreign substances. Skin care ingredients can only stay on the surface when skin care patches, lotion, cream and cream are used. The nutrients of skin care products are either evaporated or too large to enter the real lining layer, and the natural effect is not obvious. Microneedles can quickly open the mesoderm 200000 + pipeline and promote microcirculation. Skin care essence is permeated with active ingredients, and the skin absorbs enough nutrients. To sum up, microneedle is to open the cell channel of 20 + in the skin mesoderm, so that nutrients can be directly absorbed in the deep layer, so as to achieve effective skin care.

Advantages of microneedles

Microneedle therapy is formulated according to individual needs, which is very targeted and can completely help everyone improve skin quality. The effect of microneedle moisturizing and whitening on skin aging is very obvious, non-invasive and no side effects. Microneedle therapy stimulates the true inner skin layer to produce self-healing ability, constantly replenish vitality factors for the skin and awaken skin regeneration, Make the skin more smooth and tender. One micro needle is equivalent to 4000 times of general care. In today’s fast-paced society, micro needle means will be a good choice if you want to have good skin.

Indications of microneedle

  1. Acne and acne scar
  2. Wrinkles: including forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, legal lines, neck lines, etc
  3. Water shortage and pigmentation of skin
  4. Facial aging and facial spots
  5. Fat marks and stretch marks, etc

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