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What is laser beauty? Is laser beauty really effective?

In the past 30 years, the field of laser has made breakthrough progress and has become a very rapid and mature treatment method in dermatology, and its effect is positive. Especially with the proposal of the theory of selective photothermal action, a new generation of laser instruments have sprung up, and strong pulsed light, RF and some other phototherapy technologies and equipment have also developed rapidly. In recent years, the emergence of dot matrix laser technology has greatly expanded the treatment scope and improved the treatment effect.

According to its medium, laser can be divided into solid laser, gas laser, liquid laser and semiconductor laser. According to the way of releasing energy, it can be divided into continuous laser, semi continuous laser or quasi continuous laser and pulse laser. Common clinical laser systems include CO2 laser, argon laser, copper vapor laser, argon pumped dye laser and krypton laser, flash lamp pumped dye laser, frequency doubled Nd: YAG laser, Q-switched ruby laser, Q-switched neodymium doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser and frequency doubled laser.

Early laser is mainly used in dermatology to treat pigmented diseases (nevus of Ota, freckles, coffee spots, etc.) and vascular diseases (strawberry hemangioma, nevus erythematosus, spider nevus, telangiectasia, etc.). With the development of laser therapy, laser hair removal is another very successful application of the principle of selective photothermal action. However, because the wavelength of most hair removal lasers can also be absorbed by the epidermis, the epidermis will also be damaged, and the probability of blisters, pigmentation and even scars is high. The emerging intense pulsed light (IPL) is a supplement to laser treatment technology. Through the strong beam penetrating the skin, it produces photobiological effects to achieve the purpose of treatment. Its pulse output presents a brick waveform, which has been improved in efficacy and safety. It is more and more widely used in clinical hair removal. The application of laser / intense light therapy in dermatology is still expanding.

Laser wrinkle removal treatment is a new point, bright spot and hot spot of Dermatology laser treatment, which is often referred to as “rejuvenation”. In the west, compared with other laser surgery, laser epidermal reconstruction gives doctors and patients more confidence and encouragement. Although there are complications, it has become an effective means to tighten and reconstruct the skin. In the past, exfoliative laser was the “gold standard” method for skin rejuvenation, but it can lead to complete gasification of epidermis and coagulation injury of most tissues of dermis, with large side effects and long healing time. If the thermal injury involves the deep layer of dermis, it may cause permanent depigmentation and even leave scars. Therefore, the pain, discomfort and inconvenience caused by exfoliative (gasification) epidermal reconstruction itself are an obstacle to its rapid development. In recent years, there have been new developments in laser research theory and technology. A series of non stripping (non gasification) laser equipment and light sources have come out, including long pulse semiconductor 810nm laser, Nd: YAG 1064nm laser, Nd: YAG 1320nm laser and Er: glass 1540nm laser. The common feature of these lasers is that they have a wide pulse width, take water and collagen as the action target of the laser, stimulate the dermis, start the dermal healing process, and achieve the effect of non gasification and rejuvenation. At the same time, they avoid the side effects of gasification epidermal reconstruction laser equipment, have little damage to the skin, recover quickly, and basically do not affect work and life, making a qualitative leap in laser beauty treatment technology.

Lattice laser is a new technology based on the theory of selective photothermal action. It not only has the rapid and significant effect of exfoliative treatment, but also has the advantages of small side effects and short recovery time of non exfoliative treatment. The working principle of dot matrix laser treatment is to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin with laser, and then cause a series of skin physiological reactions, so as to achieve the effect of tightening, rejuvenating and removing color spots, especially for the treatment of scars and stretch marks, which is a milestone. Microscopically, dot matrix laser treatment is to make some non overlapping small holes in the skin tissue. There is normal skin between the small holes. The appearance damage is very light and the recovery is very fast. Moreover, it can treat a variety of skin indications in any part of the body, including desalination and elimination of color spots, acne and acne scars, surgical scars, traumatic scars, scalding scars, wrinkles, atrophic lines, stretch marks, skin relaxation, photoaging skin, chloasma, Civatte skin heterochromatism, etc. Dot matrix laser treatment takes only tens of minutes each time, which does not affect work, study and life.

Paloma crystal drill light multifunctional treatment platform is a representative new type of laser / strong light treatment equipment, equipped with dot matrix laser Er: glass 1540nm and multiple handles of strong light pulse. Dot matrix laser is a new technology introduced in recent years. On the basis of exfoliative or non exfoliative laser, it uses “selective photothermal effect” to produce multiple micro tropics. Through the micro tropics, the depth, width and density of the effect are controlled, while the surrounding skin remains intact, which makes the wound heal faster and the patient more comfortable. It is accepted by white-collar workers who are more busy in modern life. It is commonly known as “midday beauty”, It has no impact on their work and life. Intense pulsed light has the best wavelength band from 400nm to 1450nm, which can emit a broadband band corresponding to the target tissue in the treatment area. Paloma crystal diamond light multifunctional treatment platform can effectively tender skin and remove wrinkles, treat scars, inflammatory acne, depilation, pigmented diseases and vascular diseases.