microdermabrasion machine

What is beauty microneedle?

Beauty microneedle is to puncture the cuticle on the surface of the skin through a small needle, so that a large number of drugs and skin care products can penetrate into the skin, improve and tighten the skin, shrink pores, improve small wrinkles, replenish water and so on. The advantages are that it does not destroy the integrity of the skin, significantly improves the transdermal speed and absorption of drugs, especially macromolecular drugs, avoids the possibility of liver first pass effect or gastrointestinal inactivation of oral drugs, directly transports the active ingredients to the well absorbed parts of the skin, improves the treatment effect and recovers quickly after operation. The disadvantage is that the operation is irregular, and the wrong manipulation may lead to skin burning, infection, bleeding, etc. It is suggested that photon rejuvenation can also be used to remove spots, brighten skin, depilate and shrink pores. The selective photothermal effect of strong pulsed light can act on the skin pigment layer and hair follicle, disperse or absorb the pigment, destroy the dermal papilla, and stimulate the proliferation and rejuvenation of collagen. After photon rejuvenation, pay attention to sunscreen and moisturizing.

Benefits of beauty microneedles:

  1. Awaken and enhance the regeneration function of skin.
  2. Beauty microneedles can help to fade wrinkles and spots, improve skin texture, mix skin color and spots, improve skin texture, mix skin color and increase skin elasticity.
  3. Cosmetic microneedles can stimulate the wound self-healing of the cortex, so as to stimulate the skin, promote the proliferation of bone collagen, and significantly increase the thickness of the epidermal layer.

Disadvantages of beauty microneedles:

  1. If a cosmetic micro needle is made in an irregular beauty place, the operator does not grasp the depth of the micro needle well or the disinfection is not in place, it will lead to skin redness, swelling, blistering, inflammation and infection, and even leave scars in severe cases.
  2. Microneedle also destroys the skin’s self-protection barrier. If the later care is improper, it will produce more serious sequelae. For example, inadequate sunscreen may lead to pigment deposition and the formation of new spots or erythema. Usually light diet, ensure sleep and strengthen exercise.

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