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What is a microneedle? What is water light injection? What is the difference between microneedle and water light injection?

Microneedle is a minimally invasive treatment to restore skin vitality. It uses equipment with fine needles to create countless small punctures on the top layer of the skin. These wounds will trigger the body to produce collagen and fibrin for repair. The applied repair products will also penetrate under the skin through these small channels to help the skin supplement nutrition and promote wound healing.

A period of time after the microneedle is completed. Collagen will continue to regenerate, resulting in the improvement of skin texture and toughness, reduction of pores, thinning of scars, younger skin state and so on.

At present, there are two kinds of equipment used in traditional microneedles, manual roller and electric microneedle.

Manual roller

When the needle is tilted into the skin, the needle has a large area and large operation area, resulting in greater trauma and inconvenient operation in some areas, such as nose and lip; Due to the manual operation of the control force, the needle feeding speed and depth are not easy to be uniform. The needle length is fixed, and the needle cannot be replaced. It is easy to improve the probability of infection due to incomplete disinfection. It can not be used repeatedly.

Electric microneedle

Vertical needle entry is not easy to cause redundant trauma. The disposable needle has no risk of cross infection. The needle length can be adjusted. The difference between 9, 12 and 36 needles is only the number of needles. The needle area is small and can be used at any part; Controlled by the machine, the needle feeding speed and depth are uniform.

What is water light injection?

Water light injection is a kind of operation, which refers to the process of injecting various nutrients such as hyaluronic acid into the epidermis or superficial dermis. There are two common injection methods, water light instrument or manual injection. According to different injected products, it can improve the skin differently. The high utilization rate of injected products is water light and various nutrients. Shuiguang is a small molecule hyaluronic acid. Injection alone can improve the water locking capacity of the skin and significantly improve the skin problems caused by simple water shortage. The improvement of early and old symptoms such as pores, fine lines, facial relaxation and dark skin color depends on the addition of nutrients.

What is the difference between microneedle and water light injection?

Different action principles

Micro needle: the basic version of water light injection is to pierce the skin through a small needle on the roller, open a micro channel, promote the transdermal absorption of active ingredients, promote the discharge of pigment particles, replace epidermal cells, reconstruct true lining tissue and repair skin barrier.

Water light injection: water light injection is to attract micro drops of effective components to the true lining tissue through the negative pressure needle, and start self-healing through the focal damage effect.

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