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Principle and advantages of laser treatment of freckles

At present, laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) are the best methods to treat freckles.

Principle of laser treatment of freckles: without damaging normal skin tissue, the laser beam of a specific wavelength passes through the epidermis and dermis (just like the light penetrates the glass), enters the damaged part, and treats the pigment of the damaged part. When laser treatment of freckles, the pigment of freckles is completely broken and disintegrated under the irradiation of powerful laser, and then dissipates by itself, so as to be cured.

Compared with the traditional methods of freezing and chemical stripping, laser treatment of freckles has absolute advantages. It is not only effective, but also rapid and less adverse reactions. It is mainly reflected in:

Strong selectivity: Although the number of freckles and rashes is relatively large, most of them still exist in isolation without fusion. Laser treatment can avoid the damage of normal skin to the greatest extent.

2 relatively few times of treatment: generally, freckles can achieve the effect of photon multiple treatment after 1 ~ 2 times of laser treatment.

3 less impact on skin function: clinically, it is found that laser treatment of freckles can avoid the side effects of traditional treatment methods on the skin, such as decreased skin tolerance, prone to various dermatitis and so on.

Principle of intense pulsed light (IPL) in the treatment of freckles: (photothermal principle) is designed based on the principle of selective absorption of heat. Because the content of pigment clusters in diseased tissue is much higher than that in normal skin tissue, the wide spectrum of intense pulsed light can penetrate the skin and be preferentially absorbed by the pigment clusters of chromophores in the tissue. The temperature rise after absorbing photons is also higher than that of the skin. Their temperature difference is used to destroy and decompose the pigment clusters and pigment cells, so as to achieve the effect of treating freckles.

It is different from laser in its advantages and features: comprehensive treatment, not a single solution to the problem of freckles, but can solve a variety of skin problems and improve the skin state as a whole. No vacation required. Compared with traditional treatment methods, it has great advantages. That is to improve skin lesions and skin structure as a whole without affecting work and life. Photon rejuvenation instrument will not damage the stratum corneum, but also rearrange the deep collagen fibers, increase the skin elasticity and resistance to the outside world, and treat sensitive skin. For the above two methods of treating freckles, combined treatment can be selected. First, we can solve most problems with intense pulsed light (IPL), and then use laser to solve the remaining problems. This will be better.