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Laser hair removal makes the heart of beauty perfect, but these people are not suitable

With the rise of temperature, hair removal has become an important topic for beauty lovers. Laser hair removal has always been the first choice of permanent hair removal for beauty lovers. Next, let’s follow Xiaobian to have a comprehensive understanding of laser hair removal.

Principle of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal technology that uses the selective photothermal dynamics principle of laser to irradiate a specific laser on the hair removal part, the laser passes through the surface of the skin to the root of the hair follicle, and the light energy is absorbed and converted into the heat energy that destroys the hair follicle, so as to make the hair lose the ability of regeneration.

Advantages of laser hair removal

  1. Laser hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain among all hair removal methods. Most people just feel “bounced by a rubber band”.
  2. The advantage of laser hair removal is that the hair removal is very thorough. The laser can penetrate into the deep layer of dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue and act on the deep hair follicles in different parts to effectively remove the deep hair in any part of the human body.
  3. The advantage of laser hair removal is that it will not damage the epidermis.
  4. The advantage of laser hair removal is that the pigment precipitation after hair removal is very close to our skin.
  5. The advantage of laser hair removal is fast.
  6. The laser depilation light pulse time is adjusted for a long time to protect the epidermis and remove hair of different thickness at the same time.
  7. Sapphire contact cooling patented technology is safe and does not damage the skin, which is the most prominent advantage of laser hair removal.

Who is not suitable for laser hair removal?

First of all, people with particularly dark skin color are not suitable for laser hair removal. Because laser hair removal uses the absorption of melanin in hair follicles to achieve the effect of hair removal. People with black skin have more melanin in their skin, which will compete with melanin in hair follicles to absorb laser, resulting in skin damage.

Secondly, it is not suitable for laser hair removal under the following conditions:

  1. Patients with a history of keloid.
  2. Those who have infection in the depilation area or have a history of herpes simplex infection.
  3. Those who have used other methods within six weeks, such as wax depilation and cloth depilation.
  4. Those who are allergic to hydroquinone or other bleaching agents or have a history of using 13 CIS retinoic acid within 6 months.

The nursing methods after laser hair removal are as follows:

  1. Immediately after operation, ice compress the treatment site for 30 minutes until the burning sensation is reduced;
  2. Do not need to bandage, but apply antibiotic ointment locally;
  3. On the day of treatment, do not wash the treatment site with hot water;
  4. The exposed part should be kept away from light 4 weeks after operation to avoid pigmentation.