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Laser hair removal is longer without “hair” trouble

Depilation is a common thing for women. Depilation cream can remove hair at one time, but after two days, the hair is new and the skin becomes coarser. Now laser depilation can permanently remove the hair on the skin. Why does laser depilation last for a long time?

Laser hair removal technology is a very ideal hair removal technology at present. In fact, if a hair removal method has no obvious hair growth for a long time after the treatment, then laser hair removal is a long-term hair removal method. The light beam emitted by the laser hair removal system will penetrate the surface of the skin and finally be absorbed by the hair follicle. The hair follicle is damaged and can not regenerate long hair without damaging the surrounding tissue. In the growth period, the hair follicle has the most melanin and the strongest absorption of the light emitted by the laser, which has become the best target of the laser hair removal machine.

To sum up, laser hair removal can make the root of hair follicle necrotic, and there will be no sweat hair in the future. The skin has been permanently white, clean and smooth, and will not damage the normal skin or affect sweating.