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Is laser freckle removal reliable?

Laser freckle removal is a very popular technology, but many people have doubts about its unreliability. The spots on your face are always a headache. How to remove these spots? In fact, there are many ways to remove spots. You may have heard of laser freckle removal. So is laser freckle removal reliable? Let’s have a look.

Is laser freckle removal reliable? There is no doubt about this. Laser freckle removal is the use of laser to produce high-energy and accurately focused monochromatic light, which has a certain penetration, and can produce high heat locally when acting on human tissue. The method of laser freckle removal is to use the characteristics of laser. Laser freckle removal can effectively penetrate the surface of skin, break pigment particles into tiny fragments in an instant, remove or destroy target tissue, and achieve the effect of effective and rapid freckle removal.

The effect of laser freckle removal can be seen from the treatment principle. The laser does not forcibly remove the pigment, but through the skin. Therefore, there will be no scar after treatment. Since the self dissipation of collapsed pigment particles after treatment takes a certain time (usually 1-2 weeks), you should wait patiently for a few days and wait for the pigment to dissipate. The good effect of laser freckle removal is also reflected in high safety and fast efficiency, that is, low pain.