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Is gold micro needle RF safe?

What is gold micro needle? This is a new plastic surgery project in recent years. As soon as it came out, it was called skin beautifying artifact by many people. Girls with acne marks and pits and many mothers troubled by stretch marks choose it to solve their troubles.

Gold micro needle is also called gold RF dot matrix. It uses gold plated micro needle to accurately act RF energy on different levels of skin, raise the tissue temperature to 55-60 ℃, and play the effect of instantly shrinking skin collagen and promoting long-term regeneration and reorganization of collagen.

Gold micro needle

For acne sunken scars, large pores, face lifting and tightening, anti-aging and stretch marks, the curative effect is remarkable.

Because the wound is small, there is no thermal stimulation to the epidermis, the pain is not obvious, and the wound heals quickly. It can wet water and normal skin care 24 hours after operation, without downtime, and basically colorless and heavy risk. It is also suitable for those with melasma.

Compared with traditional dot matrix therapy, what are the core advantages of gold microneedle?

Compared with traditional dot matrix therapy, gold microneedle has less trauma, rapid postoperative recovery and low risk; Low pain and high patient comfort.

Does the gold micro needle hurt?

Gold micro has no thermal stimulation on the epidermis. Combined with surface anesthesia ointment anesthesia, the pain is greatly reduced during treatment, and the experience of patients is generally good.

After treatment, how long will it recover?

Gold micro needle belongs to minimally invasive treatment. After treatment, the operation area will be slightly red and swollen. The next day, you can wash your face with wet water and normal skin care, and there is really no downtime.

Is gold micro needle safe?

Gold micro has no thermal stimulation on the epidermis, only emits RF energy in the deep layer of the skin, has little damage to the surrounding skin, is basically colorless and heavy after operation, and has high safety. No scar will be left in the later stage, which is a real minimally invasive treatment.

You know, to improve skin problems, no project can be done once and for all, so gold micro needle still needs regular treatment.

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