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How to remove chloasma completely? Which treatment effect is better, laser or microneedle?

Which treatment effect is better, laser or microneedle? As long as the freckle removal method is correct, laser and microneedle can improve the symptoms of chloasma. Under the condition of ensuring the state of facial skin, selecting laser and ultra picosecond can help fade and remove Chloasma in a short time.

  1. Laser therapy

Clinically, the lasers commonly used to treat chloasma include Q-switched laser Nd: YAG, Q-switched Alexandrite / ruby laser, Er: YAG laser, etc. through the principle of “selective photothermal action”, it can be absorbed by melanin and oxygenated hemoglobin, then break melanin and close blood vessels, so as to achieve the effect of speckle reduction. However, it should be noted that their treatment may have an anti black process, and improper operation will increase the risk, so please treat them under the operation of a regular professional and experienced dermatologist.

  1. Microneedle

According to the previous investigation on the current situation of chloasma, dry skin is the “hardest hit area” of chloasma, and the skin with sufficient water will metabolize pigment faster, so it is very necessary to replenish water and moisturize. Microneedle therapy can open the skin absorption channel and effectively absorb the drugs to remove melanin. At the same time, combined with the skin repair ability, it can repair the skin barrier. Therefore, it can not only treat acne dents, but also have a very good therapeutic effect on chloasma.

In general, whether after laser or micro needle, or if you want to dilute chloasma every day, you should adhere to sunscreen. It reduces chloasma at the root. Although the effect is relatively slow, it will not rebound.

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