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Gold micro needle is a pore killer!

Gold micro needle is very windy. There are many night owls who are reluctant to sleep. They stay up late. Their skin is loose and their pores are thick. In addition, their skin care is improper. The dry lines on their cheeks become fine lines, and their skin is rough, resulting in aging pores. As an entry-level light anti-aging project, gold micro needle has entered the public’s vision. Indeed, its effect is also worth unlimited repurchase.

What is gold microneedle?

Principle on Baidu: Gold microneedle is a double effect combination of microneedle rejuvenation and RF RF. It uses small microneedles plated with gold layer to act RF energy * * * on different depth target tissues. After reaching the * * * layer, RF high energy is released instantly to stimulate collagen regeneration.

To sum up, the “needle” can form trauma, promote the skin to start self-healing function and stimulate the production of collagen. In addition, the gold micro needle will also generate RF energy to act on the skin, and work together to improve acne marks, uniform skin color, acne scars, thick pores and stretch marks. Yes, you are right. Stretch marks are OK!

Before making the gold micro needle, the general doctor will brush the acid once to clean the skin, and then apply the anesthetic for 45 minutes. The operation process takes about half an hour, and the process may be a little painful. If the pain level is 0-10 points, the pain of the gold micro needle is almost 3-4 points, which should be tolerable. The doctor will give me different depths according to different skin conditions, such as large cheek pores and deep legal lines. These places will be played twice more. You can also ask the doctor to improve the jaw line.

You can’t wash your face with raw water on the same day. You can’t apply sunscreen on the first three days. You need to do a good job in physical sunscreen. Some people may get red and swollen after playing, but these are normal phenomena. There will be light black spots on their face the next day, and there are no bruises. This has a lot to do with the doctor’s technology. It can have an obvious effect in 2-3 months, The duration is generally more than half a year. But we should start from our own needs

If you want to remove wrinkles and tighten, you can choose gold RF micro needle and hot Maggie, both of which are very suitable for treatment; Hot Maggie is more effective for skin relaxation and contour tightening.

If you want to improve the problems of large pores, dull skin color, acne scar and rough face on the basis of wrinkle removing and tightening, choose gold RF micro needle;

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