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Four factors affecting the effect of laser hair removal

Four factors affecting the effect of laser hair removal:

  1. Physical differences also affect the effect of laser hair removal

Everyone’s constitution is different, and the density and growth ability of hair are also different, and the effect of hair removal is also different. Therefore, different individuals adopt the same hair removal method. For some sensitive people, they may be able to remove them all at one time, while for others, it may take many times to remove them to achieve the effect.

  1. The difference of skin and hair color leads to the different effect of laser hair removal

The skin color and hair color will be different in treatment. Because the selectivity of laser treatment is particularly strong, it is determined according to the pigment in the skin. In other words, the reaction of hair follicles in different parts to laser hair removal is different. In the same individual, the hair removal effect of different parts is also different, because the pigment in different parts is also different.

  1. The effect of laser hair removal is different with different equipment

In terms of equipment, different treatment equipment have certain differences in effect. The light source of laser has a great influence on the effect of laser hair removal. In other words, the treatment effect of some instruments with high intensity of laser light source will be better than those with low intensity of laser light source.

  1. The doctor’s experience determines the effect of laser hair removal

Doctor’s experience is also crucial here. Because experienced doctors can correctly grasp the direction of your hair removal and the indications or contraindications of hair removal, they can adjust the treatment plan in time to solve some sudden situations in the treatment process.

Steps for laser hair removal:

  1. Skin preparation, the term is skin preparation. In popular words, it is called shaving, that is, use a disposable hair removal knife to scrape off all the sweat and hair on the body surface of both arms, so that when hair removal is carried out, the light wave can “pull up the hair roots by roots”. Before preparing the skin, please keep the depilation clean to ensure the effect.

2, gel will have cooling, cooling effect of gel applied to hair removal parts, so as to maximize the protection of the skin, will reduce the discomfort in hair removal process to a minimum. Even if there is no hair in the inner side of the arm, it can also smear some gelatin evenly. When the hair is removed, it will receive “intimate contact” with light wave to achieve compact skin function.

  1. Laser depilation, with uniform force, repeatedly contacts at the depilation place, so that the light wave can thoroughly “encircle and suppress” the root of hair. When the intensity of light increases, the skin will feel stronger and stronger. The area and pain of each depilation are different due to different application of light wave. The area of freezing point depilation is relatively large and there is no pain; The area of photon hair removal is the same as that of freezing point hair removal. It will feel a little pain and can be tolerated; The area of laser hair removal is very small, and the pain is obvious.

4, clean, gently scrape the gel, rinse it with water, then rinse quickly, replenish the skin and apply sunscreen. One week after hair removal, do not take a bath with alkaline toiletries such as soap.