Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Five nursing points needing attention after laser hair removal

Normal human body surface will have fine and soft hair, but part of the body hair will affect the beautiful image, which makes many girls very dissatisfied with sex. Laser hair removal surgery can solve this problem. Although laser hair removal is relatively simple and there will be no wound, some nursing points still need to be paid attention to after laser hair removal, so as not to affect the effect.


Sunscreen is required after any light medical cosmetic surgery. Try not to expose the skin of the depilated part to the sun.

Protect depilated skin

Do not rinse with too hot water, and do not squeeze the red spots on the skin with your hands or other things.

Pay attention to the choice of skin care products

After laser hair removal, the skin is relatively fragile. Pay attention to the use of cleaning products or skin care products with less skin irritation.

Don’t depilate again

Do not depilate in other ways during treatment, whether physical or chemical, because it may cause dermatitis and pigmentation.

Pay attention to diet

Try not to eat irritating or spicy food. You can eat more fruits containing vitamin C and E, or eat vitamin tablets directly. Vitamins can improve skin resistance and reduce pigment production.