Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Can you drink after laser depilation?

Laser hair removal is a common hair removal method nowadays. Many women will take this method to lose hair quickly, and the effect is still very good. However, if they do not pay attention to nursing after hair removal, it will produce some adverse reactions and even sequelae. After laser hair removal, you should return to the hospital regularly to observe the effect of hair removal, maintain a good lifestyle at ordinary times, and pay attention to diet and hygiene.

Can you drink after laser hair removal?

In laser hair removal, it’s best not to drink. After laser depilation, due to the thermal effect, there will be some red spots on the depilated part, and there are symptoms of redness, swelling and itching. If you drink before the red spots subside, it is easy to cause further aggravation of symptoms, which will not only affect the effect of depilation, but also have a great impact on your health. Therefore, after laser hair removal, patients should never drink alcohol, drink all kinds of carbonated drinks or smoke.

What kind of care should laser hair removal do?

  1. Pay attention to personal hygiene. After laser hair removal, in addition to not drinking, you should also pay attention to nursing in daily life, pay attention to personal hygiene, especially keep the skin clean. If the skin is red, swollen and itchy, do not scratch it with your hand, otherwise it is easy to cause skin damage and infection.
  2. Sunscreen. In addition, patients should also prevent ultraviolet radiation. When going out, corresponding protective measures should be taken, such as wearing hats, umbrellas, etc.
  3. Adjust the diet. Try to eat less spicy and stimulating food. We should focus on light food, drink more water and fruit juice, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and supplement sufficient vitamins.
  4. Pay attention to rest. Do not engage in intense sports, so as not to cause a lot of sweating, which will have some impact on the treatment effect.
  5. Don’t abuse drugs. Do not use some irritating cosmetics, and do not abuse weight loss drugs or hormone drugs. These drugs will cause skin allergy, affect the effect of depilation, and produce serious skin diseases.

After laser hair removal treatment, patients must not drink immediately, otherwise it is easy to cause infection. And in daily life, patients should also pay special attention to nursing, keep the local skin dry and clean, do the corresponding sunscreen measures, and pay attention to adjusting the dietary structure. The key is to maintain a good attitude, so as to get the best hair removal effect.