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Can microneedles really save the “mask face”?

Mask face is redness, acne, repeated acne, dark, dry, acne, sensitive redness. How to solve the problem of “mask face”. Can my skin recover after taking off the mask? Can microneedles really save the “mask face”?

In short, microneedle is to stimulate the skin by physical rolling with a tiny needle. After the needle opens the skin surface, it directly transports the highly nutritious active ingredients to the required skin tissue, so that the skin can quickly absorb and play a role, stimulate cells, promote skin metabolism, and restore our skin to a healthy state

  1. Improve acne, acne marks, acne pits and large pores.
  2. Hormone face, sensitive muscle, allergic dermatitis, rose acne and other skin problems.
  3. The skin lacks water and pigmentation.
  4. Facial aging and color spots.
  5. Stretch marks, growth lines and wrinkles.

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